Refining data and ethics to face today's challenges in medical science

With DECRO, physiological monitoring in rodents, guinea-pigs or rabbits becomes unrestrained, non-invasive and simply accessible

  • All in one solution
  • Animal welfare
  • Optimize studies
  • More data from a single animal
  • Animals can be their own control
  • Applicable for your combined safety-toxicology studies

DECRO enables to monitor easily and rapidly cardiac function, respiratory function and animal activity at the same time with a single emitter. All the parameters can be enabled/disabled depending on study needs.


  • Freely-moving animals
  • No Surgery
  • Fulfill 3R requirements

"Good animal welfare is not only ethically right, but is good science".

At ETISENSE we are committed to better science and animal welfare. Our connected jacket has been designed to monitor cardiac and respiratory functions without restraining or implanting animals.  We aim at helping scientists minimise animal stress and record more accurate physiological data.



  • Quick setup (few mins to get the firs results)
  • No surgery and recovery period needed
  • Cost effective

The animals are easily equipped and DECRO plug and play technology simplifies and shorten the access to first results, providing a unique advantage for real-time decision making.


The animal is equipped with a stretch jacket that integrates plethysmography sensors and carries a bluetooth emitter. External small ECG electrodes are placed under the jacket.  The emitter is connected to an acquisition server which executes DECRO-LASA software to process and display physiological parameters using advanced signal processing techniques.


DECRO® combines respiratory function, external ECG and activity measurements within one single system.


Respiratory inductive plethysmography (RIP) sensors intergated in the jacket record abdomen and thorax respiratory volumes.

Standard respiratory parameters (RR, TV, IT, ET ...) are provided.


Cardiac function is monitored with an external ECG (eECG).

Haemodynamy can also be monitored with a patented non invasive Cardiac Output sensor, enabling this measure on freely moving animals.

Activity and movements

Recording of the animal activity levels provides useful data to detect abnormal behaviours or select data depending on activity level.

Animal activity is relevant in many research fields such as Neurosciences, Pharmacology,


ETISENSE is one of the 15 French projects selected for the Headstart Funding Programme in France.« We are honored to have been selected by the French selection committee …
L'éthique et le bien-être animal au cœur de l’innovation DECROPar ce prix, l’AFSTAL soutien ETISENSE dans le développement de son produit DECRO, 1er gilet de télémétrie …
ETISENSE sera présent à l'AFSTAL 2019 à La Rochelle, avec notre produit DECRO, le 1er gilet connecté dédié au monitoring cardiorespiratoire et d'activité des petits …


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